Myths About Teen Parenting

MYTH: My life won’t change that much.

FACT: Life will change drastically. Here are some typical quotes from teen moms, gathered from actual comments on forums across the web:

My life has pretty much done a flip. I still hang out with my old friends but… they don’t realize and don’t care about how its different because I have someone to take care of now. I did lose some friends… I don’t party anymore and I miss going out with my bf and dancing and stuff….just won’t happen anymore I guess. 

i’m now depending on others for financial support but also for watching my baby while i’m gone when school starts, and i’m guilty about it… school is still way high on my priority list, right below my baby. friends are pretty low. especially since my baby’s daddy occasionally refuses to watch her by himself.

The hardest thing about being a young mother to me is not knowing what to do when your babies crying or when hes sick or bumps his head!

Unless you want to give up your whole life, having a kid is best when you have your life together. after kids, there is no sleep, there is no just getting out, there is no life but bills and the occasional day out when you can find a babysitter.
I actually had to do an extra year of high school, the chances of me going to college is not good. leaving the baby all the time, it would just be a mess, but I do plan to do something eventually, after my boyfriend does his schooling.

I love my daughter shes my life but yes i just wish i would have waited 

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MYTH: If I have a baby, then I’ll always feel loved.

FACT: True love means being willing to sacrifice your own comfort and convenience for the good of the other person. Babies and young children are totally consumed with what they want, when they want it.


MYTH: My parents will help.

FACT: They might or might not. Just assuming that you are all on the same page without discussing it is a recipe for resentment. You need to have some really honest discussions with them about who will handle childcare when you’re in school, at work, in extra-curricular activities, or out with friends. You also need to figure out who will pay for what.


MYTH: A baby is so small; they won’t cost much.

FACT: Based on research and a survey of more than 1,000 moms, determined that the average baby’s first year costs more than $10,000.

Also, here is a calculator that will show in total how much it will cost to raise a child and send them to college.


MYTH: Having a baby will keep us together. Love will get us through.

FACT: 2 out of 10 teen dads will marry the teen mom; 59% of those will end in divorce.

See Facts about fatherless homes.