Teachers say…

“This was an excellent presentation on a topic that needs to be discussed with every high school student. All high schools need to incorporate this program into their schools.”
-Jeff Porter, White House High School, Sumner County

“Words can not adequately express how much your presentation meant to my classes. The options presented for an unplanned teen pregnancy and the factual information presented about each of the three options definitely made an impact upon my students. I personally benefited as well, especially in better selection of wording when discussing the options of adoption, abortion, and parenting. I had a follow-up discussion with all classes the following day. Several students commented about not knowing what actually happened during an abortion and others had considered the ‘Morning After’ pill as a form of contraception. Most admitted that their concept of adoption was very outdated. It is my opinion that the impact of the presentation greatly exceeds the audience of teenagers who have had or later will have an unplanned pregnancy. I believe it will also help prevent some unplanned pregnancies based upon comments made by students during follow-up discussions. It will certainly help everyone be more sensitive when talking to or in the presence of those who have been adopted or those who are parents through adoption. Please let Ms. Bowersox know… she inspired me to use adoption in an unplanned pregnancy as an example of “THINK WIN-WIN” when teaching Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens in another course. Thanks again, and I definitely hope you can return to give your presentation to my future classes.”
-Jack Morton, Cheatham County High School, Cheatham County

“Instructors were objective and formative; they made the information very relative to teenagers. They were both professional and sensitive, factual without being opinionated. We would love to have the program, same instructors next year.”
-Barbara Campbell, Brentwood High School, Williamson County

“Presenters do a super job of giving facts as well as perspectives teens do not always look at. Great program implemented by great people.”
-Mark Curry, Beech High School, Sumner County


Teens say…

“Now I think that I shouldn’t have sex until marriage because it is too much responsibility for me as a teenager.” -Female, Gallatin High School, Sumner County

“I thought it was wonderful! It really opened my eyes to a lot of things that I didn’t know about. I think all the statistics were very effective.”
-Male, Davidson Academy, Davidson County

“It was very informative. I learned a lot about adoption and abortion that I did not know. It definitely changed my opinion on those options in teen pregnancy. I definitely know the facts now. “
-Female, East Robertson High, Robertson County

“I used to think I could never choose adoption, but I learned a lot more than I knew.”
-Female, Beech High School, Sumner County

“It was a good idea to come here because a lot of girls here are pregnant. The information was very interesting and cool.”
-Female, Hillwood High School, Davidson County

“I heard about how frequently people have abortions and it breaks my heart to know so many people make that decision when there are so many people that can’t have children and would adopt.”
-Female, Portland High School, Sumner County

“I liked it. It was good. It’s best to just stay abstinent I think.”
Male, Station Camp High School, Sumner County

“I never really knew that much about adoption. One of the things that stuck out in my mind is the part about a child growing up without a father.”
-Male, McGavock High School, Davidson County

“I saw the high numbers of bad statistics that are associated with children growing up in homes without a father, including 63% of teen suicides. It made me realize the circumstances of many troubled teens.”
-Male, Father Ryan High School, Davidson County

“It made me think about consequences of making bad choices.”
-Male, Beech High School, Sumner County