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Let's Talk About Sex

Parents, Do you know that you are the most important developmental asset in your child’s health, well-being and decision making ability? DCO is asking you to be a part of the educational process to ensure that your student enjoys success in every area of their life emotionally, educationally, and financially. We would like YOU to partner with us as we educate students on the benefits of avoiding the risks of sexual behavior. Follow us on our website, Instagram and Facebook to find out more!

The Goal of Sex Education

Policy Priorities: Why Sexual Delay Should be the Goal in Sex Education…And Why Teen Pregnancy Prevention Isn’t Enough

Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Education

What You Need To Know. This resources from Ascend is a great tool to learn what SRA is and how it differs from “comprehensive sex education”

A Comparison - Smoking vs SRA

The anti-smoking campaign is an important case study of the public health risk avoidance model for several reasons – download this resource to see why.

Success Sequence

Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Education and the Success Sequence Rethinking Poverty Prevention

Quick Facts - Sex Education in America
Tips for SRA from Focus on the Family

The best place for a child to learn about sexuality is at home from those who care most about them.

Social Media and Sexual Risk Avoidance

Check out each of this links and videos to learn more

Videos about Sexting

Sexting LawsKee Bryant McCormick, an attorney in Juvenal law shares the possible consequences and outcomes of sexting among teenagers.

Online Safety Apps and Resources


There’s a lot of misinformation out there. The difficult decisions that must be made by teens and their families during this very emotional time will be better decisions, that you will feel better about, if all parties are well equipped with the facts.

You might be surprised what you learn…

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