Whether you’re a teacher, an administrator, or a youth worker, one of the most challenging subjects your students will wrestle with is teen pregnancy. According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancies, 3 in 10 girls in the U.S. become pregnant by age 20. Whether it happens to them or someone they know, almost every teen is touched by this issue.

We can help you equip your students with the facts they need to navigate this challenging subjects. We provide support in these ways:

  • Educational presentations to teens: We visit middle and high school classrooms as well as community youth groups, providing information about the benefits of sexual abstinence, the health risks associated with sexual activity and life long impact of each of the options a young woman faces in an unplanned pregnancy.  By exploring how those options will affect not only her, but her child, the father and others, our curriculum provides in-depth analysis of educational, financial and life altering impact on all involved in this situation. Decision-making skills are emphasized as each option is explored. Students come face to face with the reality of just how difficult this decision is, and gain a new understanding of the need to avoid teen pregnancy. DCO mentoring programs serve at risk and high risk populations of students to equip and enable healthy choices, school success and provide life skills training.
  • Targeted Curriculum for use in middle schools and high school classrooms: Agencies desiring to utilize the DCO programs should contact us for information regarding upcoming training events, special pricing, and assistance with team development.

Read what students and teachers say after they hear the facts.

We have partnered with Pregnancy Centers in Tennessee and Alabama to train and offer our curriculum to more schools are organizations. If you interested in training and/or curriculum to teach please contact us.

“Sav-A-Life, Inc. has partnered with DCO for about 10 years now.  We have found the curriculum to be the most well-researched, fact-based, medically accurate curriculum to educate students about the consequences of sexually risky behavior and the options available to them should an unexpected pregnancy occur as a result.  It is easy for students to grasp and educators appreciate the simplicity and accuracy of it.”

– Lisa Hogan, Executive Director, Sav-A-Life, Inc.

We are also available for Parent Power and classroom presentations. Invite us to speak at your school, community organization, or church.