About Adoptive Families

Families are built through adoption for many reasons. A family may struggle with the pain and disappointment of infertility and long to give their love to a child. A family may already have children but feel that they have more love to give to another child. Or, they may be thinking about adoption when they learn someone they know is facing an unplanned pregnancy and wants them to parent that child.  Some may also have a belief that God is calling them to build their family through adoption.

What these families have in common is a love of children and family, and a desire to be committed, loving parents.

The reasons why a family adopts may be different, but the process that they go through is very similar. To be able to adopt a child, every family must go through a home study process (which varies slightly from state to state). During the home study, there are checks of criminal backgrounds and protective services records to be sure that the family has no history of child abuse and or neglect, or criminal convictions. There are references from friends and acquaintances, and there is an assessment of the couple’s lifestyle, values, and parenting abilities. With their social worker, families explore what their experience with parenting has been and what they hope it will be.

Once studied and approved by the agency, families create a profile of pictures and information along with a letter explaining why they want to adopt a child. Expectant parents who are making an adoption plan for their baby can then choose their adoptive families by looking through these family profiles. A counselor will facilitate communication and find answers to questions that both parties may have.


Comments from birthmoms

“Choosing Adoption for my birth son was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life; however I’m so happy that he will have everything that I couldn’t give him; a stable, married mommy and daddy. I thank God everyday for giving me the wisdom to understand that sometimes loving someone means putting that person’s needs before your own. I loved him enough to sacrifice my own wants and desires in order for him to have the life he deserves to have.”

– 18 year old birthmother, Tennessee

“I will always miss and love my son, but I know he is meant to be with wonderful parents. I wouldn’t ask for anything different. I’m so glad that God put him in the arms of such loving people. Thank you for teaching him the meaning of love.”

– 21 year old birthmother, Michigan