UPDATE: Together, we prayed on the campus of over 180 schools throughout Tennessee and over 30 of the schools served by DCO! THANK YOU to EVERYONE who gave of their time to be a Team Captain, or supported a team captain by showing up or spreading the word and inviting others. Let’s continue to support our students throughout the year together. Keep praying for the safety of our students and for them to hear truth and learn in healthy environments.

SAVE THE DATE Aug 3-4, 2019 - #Pray4StudentsTn Weekend is coming again August 3rd & 4th. Last year we teamed up with First Priority to cover more than 200 schools in Middle Tennessee. Let's do it again!

This year we hope to see ALL the schools served by DCO covered in prayer during this weekend and through the upcoming school year. See the list below to find your local school. If it is highlighted click through to find the details of a prayer event already scheduled. If it is not highlighted below please contact us to find out about becoming a captain. Captains are needed to lead at local schools in order to make all this a reality. For more information, please contact Suzanne at


Life Choices:


Beech High School (Sumner TN)
Berry High School (Fayette AL)
Brentwood High School (Williamson TN)
Brewer High School (Morgan AL)
Calera High School (Shelby AL)
Centennial High School (Williamson TN)
Cheatham County Central High School (Cheatham TN)
Chilton County High School (Chilton AL)
Christ Presbyterian Academy (Davidson TN)
Clarke County High School    (Clarke AL)
Clarke Prep School (Clarke AL)
Clay Chalkville High School (Jefferson AL)
Collinwood High School (Wayne TN)
Corner High School (Jefferson AL)
Davidson Academy (Davidson TN)
E.B. Wilson High School (Sumner TN)
East Robertson High School (Robertson TN)
Father Ryan High School (Davidson TN)
Fayette County High School (Fayette AL)
Frank Hughes School K-12 (Wayne TN)
Franklin County High School (Franklin TN)
Gallatin High School (Sumner TN)
Gardendale High School (Jefferson AL)
Giles County High School (Giles TN)
Goodpasture Christian Academy (Davidson TN)
Greenbrier High School (Robertson TN)
Hayden High School (Blount AL)
Hendersonville Christian Academy (Sumner TN)
Hendersonville High School (Sumner TN)
Hubbertville School (Fayette AL)
Hueytown High School (Jefferson AL)
Huntland High School (Franklin TN)
Independence High School (Williamson TN)
Isabella High School (Chilton AL)
JB Pennington High School (Blount AL)
Jackson High School (Clarke AL)
Jemison High School (Chilton AL)
Jo Byrns High School (Robertson TN)
Lawrence County High School (Lawrence TN)
Loretto High School (Lawrence TN)
Macon County High School (Macon TN)
Maplesville High School (Chilton AL)

Merroll Hyde Magnet School (Sumner TN)
Minor High School (Jefferson AL)
Mortimor Jordan High School (Jefferson AL)
Nolensville High School (Williamson TN)
Oak Grove High School (Jefferson AL)
Oak Mountain High School (Shelby AL)
Page High School (Williamson TN)
Portland High School (Sumner TN)
Priceville High School (Morgan AL)
Raider Academy (Coffee TN)
Ravenwood High School (Williamson TN)
Richland School K-12 (Giles TN)
Springfield High School (Robertson TN)
Station Camp High School (Sumner TN)
Summertown High School K-12 (Lawrence TN)
Summit High School (Williamson TN)
Susan Moore High School (Blount AL)
Thomasville High School (Clarke AL)
Thompson High School (Shelby AL)
Thorsby High School (Chilton AL)
Tullahoma High School (Coffee TN)
Verbena High School (Chilton AL)
Vincent High School (Shelby AL)
Westmoreland High School (Sumner TN)
White House Heritage High School (Robertson TN)
White House High School (Sumner TN)



Bragg Mitchell Middle School (Jefferson AL)
Bridgeforth Middle School (Giles TN)
Clanton Middle School (Chilton AL)
Coffee County Middle School (Coffee TN)
Collinwood Middle School (Wayne TN)
Coopertown Middle School (Robertson TN)
E.O. Coffman Middle School (Lawrence TN)
Elkton Elementary School K-8 (Giles TN)
Ellis Middle School (Sumner TN)
Ethridge Elementary School K-8 (Lawrence TN)
Fayette Middle School (Fayette AL)
Frank Hughes School K-12 (Wayne TN)
Greenbrier Middle School (Robertson TN)
Hawkins Middle School (Sumner TN)
Hueytown Middle School (Jefferson AL)
Hunter Middle School (Sumner TN)
Irondale Middle School (Jefferson AL)
Jackson Middle School (Clarke AL)
Knox Doss Middle School (Sumner TN)
Leoma School K-8 (Lawrence TN)
McAdory Middle School (Jefferson AL)
Minor Hill School K-8 (Giles TN)
Moore County Middle School (Moore TN)
New Prospect School K-8 (Lawrence TN)
North Jefferson Middle School (Jefferson AL)
North Middle School (Franklin TN)
Oakgrove Middle School (Jefferson AL)
Richland School K-12 (Giles TN)
Rucker Stewart Middle School (Sumner TN)
Shafer Middle School (Sumner TN)
South Lawrence Elementary K-8 (Lawrence TN)
South Middle School (Franklin TN)
Springfield Middle School (Robertson TN)
Station Camp Middle School (Sumner TN)
Summertown High School K-12 (Lawrence TN)
Thomasville Middle School (Clarke AL)
Waynesbro Middle School (Wayne TN)
Westmoreland Middle School (Sumner TN)
Westwood Middle School (Coffee TN)
White House Middle School (Sumner TN)
Wilson Hall Middle School (Clarke AL)