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Life Choices

Life Choices is our main abstinence education and teen pregnancy prevention program for high school students. Currently we are serving 13,000 students in over 50 schools across multiple counties and states. It stresses the importance of making health life choices for optimal success in life. The presentation provides facts about the educational, physical, and financial impact of both sexual activity and teen pregnancy. Students will see the hard options surrounding an unplanned pregnancy, the outcomes of their choices, and how their decisions impact their lives, as well as their family and others. This presentation meets curriculum standards in the following courses: Biology, Psychology/Sociology, Lifetime Wellness, Family and Consumer Science, Physical Education, and Theology.

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Cost of Teen Parenting

The Cost of Teen Parenting curriculum covers the financial impact of an unplanned pregnancy. In this interactive presentation students will develop an accurate assessment of what it actually costs to raise a child. Students will personally discover the financial obligations of parenting through a group research activity and discussion. Students will have a clear understanding of how teen parenting reduces educational and economic achievement both now and in the future. This presentation meets curriculum standards in courses such as: Economics, Personal Finance, or Family and Consumer Science.

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Healthy Boundaries

The Healthy Boundaries program is designed for middle school students to see the importance of establishing boundaries. The abstinence-based program shows students how to place healthy boundaries in relationships and on social media. We will break down how their choices in these areas can effect self-esteem and health, and possibly lead to harder decisions in an unplanned pregnancy.

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Exposed is our college program, where we address the college “hook-up” culture. This program aims to expose the lies media has taught young adults about sex and how to combat the cultural pressure of engaging in it. The program also looks at the potential consequences faced by sexually active adults and the choices surrounding an unplanned pregnancy. This program can be presented in settings such as: club meetings, Sororities, or Chapel.