Meet Our World Changers

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Joi Wasill

Joi is the Founder, and Executive Director for DCO. Joi is married married and has a son who recently graduated high school. She loves spending time with her family, in fact her favorite way to spend her time is on the beach with her family! Joi enjoys teaching and being involved with students. Sharing her faith journey, and the beauty of adoption is a passion of her. You might hear her scream "ROLL TIDE!" if you spend anymore than 5 minutes with her. All that to say she is a full on Alabama Football fan! In 2012, Joi was nominated by U.S. Representative Diane Black and chosen as the recipient of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s “Angel in Adoption” Award, honoring her hard work and contribution to adoption. 


“I love how DCO opens the eyes and hearts of our teenagers to see that they truly have the power to make great choices, have the life they always dreamed of and be the person they were created to be!”

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Terri Kennedy

Terri is the glue to DCO! She is our Administrative Director. Terri was called to non-profit work in 2001, just after Sept. 11th. Since then she has been employed by Nashville’s largest non-profits. The Salvation Army, American Red Cross & United Way of Metropolitan Nashville. She married a hometown boy (Andy Kennedy) in 2015. In the same year she became a first time grandmother and decided to move back to her hometown. (Gallatin) She feels blessed to have the opportunity to bring her non-profit knowledge back to Sumner County! 

"In a world where we have abundant information, I feel that more than ever teenagers are starving for truth. They can find out anything they want to know about sex….accept for the true consequences of their choices. When I was growing up, if you didn’t have good role models you could at least turn on TV and find imaginary examples to follow. Now they have the Kardashian’s to look up to. Someone has to tell them the truth. DCO does that."


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Beth Cox

Beth is the Program Director for DCO and has been with the organization since 2010. She is responsible for the training personnel, curriculum development and management of the DCO speaking team. Beth’s passion for students started in her 8 years of service as a Sumner County School Board Member, where she also served as Chairman. Beth was named as the 2015 “Sumner County Public Servant of the Year “ and “Most Influential” in 2013 for and for her work in education, the community and the church. She and her husband, Todd have been married for 28 years and have two daughters, Chelsea (21) & Emily (20).  They serve on staff at LHBC, where Todd is the Men’s Pastor.  They also teach a young married life group and lead discipleship groups.


“What I like most about DCO is that we are truly making a difference in the lives of these students.  I see the reaction’s on their faces as they learn new information and they tell us how the information has changed their attitude about things like sexual activity and adoption. It is truly thrilling to know that you are helping shape positive decisions for their future."

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Katie Poe

Katie is our Project Manager and Education Specialist. She started with DCO in January of 2016, has her B.S in Biology and Masters in Management from Lipscomb University. Something fun you should know is that while in college she competed as a track and field athlete. Katie is SRAS certified, married to the greatest guy in the world Ethan, and enjoys traveling and playing any sport with her husband.


“I love the all of our programs show students that they aren’t stuck in the decisions they are currently making. They learn that they have the power to put boundaries in place, make healthier decision, and change what their future looks like. They are never in a hopeless and helpless situation, regardless of the decisions they’ve made in the past or the current situation they find themselves in because of those decisions.”

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Jordan Mather


Jordan is our Communication's Director and recently moved to the TN area from TX. She has been married to her husband Cody for five years. Jordan and her husband both have a heart for students and to see them succeed. Cody is the High School Pastor at FBC Hendersonville and together the serve there. Jordan and Cody are currently preparing to adopt! In her free time she loves writing, spending time with her husband traveling, working out, and most importantly eating Chipotle! Jordan is our go to girl about all things social media and she makes it easy to reach students from platforms they use daily.

"I love working for DCO because we are impacting students where they are and thats HUGE!"

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Zoie Duncan 

Zoie is a TN Education Specialist and AL Project Manager. She graduated from the University of Alabama with two degrees: one in Early Childhood Education and one in Family Studies.  She lives in Florence, AL with her wonderful husband, Dakota, and their cute dachshund, Obi. Zoi is enthusiastic about sharing the truth with students and believes in the impact DCO is making in our world today!


"DCO provides students with the Truth about their options, so that they can make better decisions for themselves. DCO is very different from other abstinence education programs, because we really believe students deserve to know the Truth and WHY abstinence truly is the best option for their health and future."

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Suzanne Geerholt


Suzanne is our Grant Writer, but also fills in as an Education Specialist! Outside of work her husband Jamie and and her stay active with their four children that are involved in many school, church and extracurricular activities including Scouts, Dance, Theate, Archery, Band, etc.  They love to take family trips to just about anywhere from the mountains to the beach, relaxing as well as going on family adventures and learning as much as we can about each new community.  Suzanne loves to read with her children, watch movies, play games, domestic mission trips, family ministry, educating, encouraging, and praying for others.


"My favorite thing about DCO is the passion each of us has for educating students on the real costs physically, emotionally and financially of engaging in sexual activity before really understanding all of the potential consequences with no opinion, no judgement, no condemnation.  Just the facts.  Students want to know the truth.  They want to make good decisions for themselves.  We get to give them the accurate, age-appropriate information they need to make the best decisions for themselves, their families, their friends, and their communities."

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Candice Gipson

Candice is our Curriculum Specialist for DCO and was born and raised in Arkansas.She attended the University of Central Arkansas where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Family & Consumer Sciences and a Masters degree in Education. She has worked as a Family Service Worker for the AR Department of Children and Family Services and as a middle and high school teacher in AR and in TN.  She has been married for 8 years and has a 3 year old daughter. In her spare time she loves to spend time outside, working in their garden, riding four-wheelers, swimming, etc. Summertime is her  favorite!  


"I enjoy working with DCO as an Education Specialist because it gives me the opportunity to teach students about a topic that is so relevant and important for the success of their future. I believe in the power behind our message and I'm happy to be sharing it with students." 

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Jane Myers

Jane is an Education Specialist for DCO and enjoys music, singing, reading, cooking, baking, and traveling.  She is married with two energetic boys. Each yearthey serve as short-term missionaries to Tenwek Hospital, Kenya, Africa.  


"When students recognize us (build relationships) from year to year when educating them on the facts and truths the risks of crossing personal boundaries!"

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Christie Shaw

Christie is an Educational Specialist for DCO. She is certified in SRAS and passionate about impacting the lives of students.  She married her best friend in 1991, and they have two wonderful boys together.  She love working as a volunteer with local non-profits, and enjoys traveling with her family. 


"I am passionate about the work of DCO.  In a world where deception is increasingly the norm, we speak absolute truth to the youth in our communities.  Some of these students have never heard the truth before.  We are changing lives, one presentation at a time."

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Jamie Blackwell

Jamie is and Education Specialist for our  Healthy Boundaries Program in Middle Schools in Sumner County.  She is married to the man of her dreams, has four kiddos- two biological, and two adopted from Congo! She loves working out, coffee and has a thing for dark chocolate.  She enjoys reading, especially christian books that help with heart transformation and that refresh her relationship with Jesus.

"I love the Boundaries program because it educates kids on why they need boundaries and then empowers them to make healthy boundaries that will have a positive impact on their future!"