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Life Choices

Life Choices is a primary prevention sexual risk avoidance education and teen pregnancy prevention program that reaches 7,248--9th to 12th grade students annually in over 60 high schools of Tennessee and thousands of youth both here and in surrounding states with medically accurate, scientifically based materials designed to reveal and encourage the importance of avoiding sexual risk and making healthy choices for optimal success in life. The curriculum is taught by DCO SRAS certified educators through the Lifetime Health/Health Education class (required for graduation in TN and most states). The goal of the program is to provide students and young adults with the facts about the educational, physical, emotional, relational and financial impact of both sexual activity and pregnancy through engaging and fact-based curricula…

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Cost of Teen Parenting

Cost of Teen Parenting curriculum covers the educational, relational and financial impact of an unplanned pregnancy. Students will develop an accurate assessment of the cost to raise a child as well as the corresponding impact of ill prepared teenage parents on the child’s future outcomes. Students in grades 9th-12th will understand the financial impact of teen pregnancy on the mother, father, extended family, community, and nation. A group activity exercise, “What does it cost?” allows students to do online research into the cost factors assigned to their group typical to the parent/care giver of a newborn child through age one.  Also, students will have a clear understanding of how teen pregnancy reduces educational achievement both now and in the future…

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Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries is a curriculum program that focuses on the concept of personal boundaries and identity development by providing sexual risk avoidance-based, medically accurate information to approximately 5,213 middle school students in 7th-8th grades. This program equips and educates middle school students with skills necessary to establish healthy boundaries in relationships, develop self-esteem, instructs in the proper use of social media/dangers of social media, and expose the risks associated with, as well as, the difficult realities of the options regarding an unplanned pregnancy including teen parenting and choosing infant adoption.  Refusal skills and positive peer relationship building are covered in this program.  Group activities to engage positive peer interaction are used; a video clip of the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”demonstrates the power of self-esteem on their decision making; case study assignments direct students to reflect on personal goals and asset development. Curriculum dosage will be delivered through direct classroom instruction by DCO project staff in two one-hour sessions per nine-week term with additional material delivered by the local classroom teacher and an extension activity that address peer pressure and refusal skills through role playing administered by the local teacher.  In addition, a pre-journal activity that allows the student to discuss their attitudes towards sex in their school, home, community and media. All students in each Healthy Boundaries program module are given pre- and post instruction tests to determine attitude, belief, value and behavior change.

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Exposed is our college program, where we address the college “hook-up” culture. This program aims to expose the lies media has taught young adults about sex and how to combat the cultural pressure of engaging in it. The program also looks at the potential consequences faced by sexually active adults and the choices surrounding an unplanned pregnancy. This program can be presented in settings such as: club meetings, fraternities/sororities, chapel meetings, or college-aged groups.


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