10 Tips for Parents :: TIP 9

The SRA (sexual risk avoidance) community has reviewed research about parental influences on children's sexual behavior and talked to many experts in the field, as well as to teens and parents themselves. From research, it is clear that there is much parents and adults can do to help their children choose sexual integrity. 

Many of these ideas presented in this blog series will seem familiar because they articulate what parents already know from experience, like the importance of maintaining strong, close relationships with children and teens, setting clear expectations for them, and communicating honestly and often with them about important matters. Research supports these common sense ideas. DCO hopes that these tips can increase the ability of parents to help their children choose sexual integrity.

So for the month of October, we will be releasing blog post titled 10 Tips for Parents throughout the month! If you have somehow stumbled across this blog, today is TIP NINE.



Know what your kids are watching, reading, and listening to

Television, Spotify, movies, magazines, and even Instagram and Snapchat are chock full of material sending the wrong messages. Sex rarely has meaning, unplanned pregnancies are now popular, and no one who is having sex ever seems to be married or even committed to one another. Is this consistent with your expectation and values? If not, it is important to talk with your children about what the media portrays and what you think about it. If certain movies or programs offend you, say so, and explain why. Be media literate - think about what you and your family are watching and reading. Encourage your kids to think critically: ask them what they think about the programs they watch and the music they listen to.

Today it is almost impossible to fully control the things your child sees or hears. However, YOU can always turn the TV off, or cancel subscriptions, even place certain movies, or ratings, off limits. Making your views known helps your child have a better understanding as to why you set those boundaries. 

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