Thankfulness For Family


November is here and naturally we want to surround this month sharing how thankful, grateful, and blessed we are by all of YOU, as well as focus on importance of family, positive adult role models and celebrate adoption! By now most of you should have received your newsletter by mail, and even our e-letter in your inbox but if not we want to make sure you sign up TODAY!


Because of YOU and your investment in the lives of our children & teens! Because of YOUR support of DCO programs and mission, we are seeing a great impact in their decisions to choose sexual integrity, creating healthier more successful outcomes for their future.


Out of 13,500 Students served those who responded that they had no intention to choose sexual abstinence on our pre-test changed their minds after program participation with a 24% increase toward sexual abstinence on the post-test! An increase toward abstinence also leads to a decrease in both unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections/diseases among our youth! An increase in abstinence directly reduces the local, state and national taxpayer dollars spent on health care and other costs related to risky teen sexual behaviors.


I see patients being impacted by DCO programs and guided to make healthy and beneficial choices for their future! As a pediatrician, I treat children and teens daily in my office. Their optimal health is of great interest and concern to me. Even though pop culture and social media appear to have overtaken the influence of the traditional family and community church as the primary social guide in teenagers’ lives, the vast majority of teens are choosing not to be sexually active. It’s not uncommon to hear them say they “cannot afford” to be sexually active and are planning “to wait”. This is the result of DCO educators speaking truth to middle school and high school students throughout an entire county with the message of sexual abstinence. What a difference that is being made in the lives of our children and teens when proactive parents - always a teen’s best guide in life - are complemented by classroom sexual integrity programs provided by DCO which reinforce this positive youth behavior model. Sexual risk avoidance education truly does open the door to youth behaviors that consistently generate the best and most successful outcomes for them; andfor all of us! I’m grateful for YOU, the DCO champions, who make it possible to reach teens and to speak truth and hope into their lives, choices, and futures.

With a grateful heart,
Scott Huitink, MD, DCO Board Chairman



1. Prayer

DCO and First Priority joined forces in August to cover 140 schools in Tennessee and 13 in Alabama with prayer teams on campus! Our prayer ministry grew in number as well... If you would like to bless others and be blessed in this ministry, please reach out to Suzanne at:

“Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.”  Oswald Chambers

2. Schools Served

The demand for DCO programs continues to increase each school year. Currently, we are serving in 13 counties of TN reaching almost 15,000 youth ages 11-19 and have 4 counties on the wait list... they are ready to open the doors of their classes and youth. We need to hire more staff to walk into these schools.

3. Staff

“Who loves middle schoolers?” Jenna Landers, that’s who! Jenna joined our DCO team in August and brings dynamic energy and passion to reach, teach and mentor students in this very critical age and stage of life! “Most teenagers are not awarehow the decisions they make now affect their future. I love challenging students to think about why boundaries are necessary in living a healthy and joyful life.”

Welcome Jenna!!

Jenna Landers.jpg

4. Resources

Which brings us to another very important blessing... we have a very committed and longtime donor who has extended a “Matching Gift Challenge” to all of our friends and supporters. Every dollar invested until December 31,2018 will be matched up to $25,000!