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About Adoption 

By choosing adoption:

  • You can pursue earlier goals and plans. 
  • You can live independently. 
  • You will be free from financial burdens of parenting. 
  • You will have freedom to choose if you want to have long term relationship with the birth father. 
  • You can resume your education or career. 

Did you know:

Adoptive families have to go through a extensive application process

  • Application Process
  • Background Check 
  • Home Study Process 
  • Individual & Couple Interviews 
  • Criminal History 
  • Child Abuse & Neglect History 
  • Financial Background Check
  • Home Safety Requirements 
  • Adoption Education Courses 

The birth Mother has no financial obligation and does NOT have to go through the extensive background application process that the Adoptive Families has to go through. 

Outcomes for Adoption:

The Birth Parents: 

  • More likely to finish high school
  • Less likely to live in poverty
  • Less likely to repeat out-of-wedlock pregnancy

The Children:  

  • Educational Success 
  • High Self-Esteem 
  • Live in stable families 
  • Emotionally Heathly 


  • A mom choosing adoption for her child makes the decision in order to provide the child with a stable, loving, two-parent home.
  • Birthparents are involved in the entire process – from choosing the family to deciding on the level of contact after placement.
  • There are at least 500,000 to 1 million couples currently waiting to adopt a baby.